Spice Up Your Kitchen This Fall!


Fall is the perfect time to re-imagine your kitchen and experiment with some new full-flavoured recipes!

- Que the spice cabinet! –

We often underestimate the power and flavour a little spice can add… not to mention the vast number of health benefits hiding in there!Here we have rounded up a list of 5 fall or you could even say holiday spices to enhance your cooking this season.



As you can see, this spice is available both whole and ground and is the major in gradient in toothpastes and mouthwashes! It has a strong, spicy flavour with a warm, hot taste. Now WHY and more importantly HOW would we incorporate this spice into our kitchen… Here are 4 surprising ways to use cloves on a daily basis -->

1) Fruit Pies! Most commonly used in apple pie or any fruit that you think needs that little spiciness and kick.

2) Poke some into your ham.

3) Home fragrance! Stick a few pieces into an orange and you have a natural home scent that may actually ward off house flies and insects.

4) Cough suppressant. Add a couple cloves to your tea and let it work its magic!



Cinnamon is by far the popular one of the group! With its mildly-sweet-to-bitter flavouring, this spice is a great addition to almost any dish. Since we are very familiar with this one. Here are 4 benefits of adding some cinnamon to your dishes -->

1) Contains powerful antioxidants

2) Anti-inflammatory properties

3) May reduce the risk of heart disease

4) Known to regulate blood sugar levels

If none of these spark your interest… you could always try the #cinnamonchallenge.



This warm spice bring both the sweet and spicy flavour we crave! In addition to allegedly enhancing concentration, clearing nasal congestion and masking bad breath – here are 4 ways you can incorporate Nutmeg into your kitchen -->

1) Add to savoury dishes such as ravioli, cream based soups or cheese dishes.

2) Top off your drink with nutmeg. Some favourites are cappuccino or lattes, eggnog, mulled wines or ciders.

3) Stir a bit into your mashed potatoes for a new taste.

4) Nutmeg pairs especially well with chocolate so add a pinch into your next hot chocolate or cake icing.



Can’t decide on which of the above 3 spices to use? Allspice is the one for you! Its taste is similar to a combination of flavours (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) and gives a little kick to almost any dish. This spice works well with sweet breads, carrots, pork or chicken.

Here are 4 fun ways you can use allspice -->

1) Add it to your bbq sauce (think Jamaican Jerk).

2) Add whole allspice to dishes that cook slowly – think casseroles, stews etc.

3) Sprinkle allspice onto milky drinks like hot chocolate or eggnog!

4) Add to almost any sweet and savoury dessert – the spiciness will mix perfectly.

Pumpkin Pie Spice


Last but definitely not least… and my personal favourite - pumpkin pie spice!

This spice is a giant blend of warm spices! The mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and mace is the perfect addition to squashes and almost any baked good that needs a little bit of pumpkin flavouring!

Here are 4 additional ways you can use this Fall spice -->

1) Mix the spice in to your coffee grounds before brewing for a full flavoured morning treat!

2) Stir it into pancake batter.

3) Season your popcorn for a sweet taste.

4) Sprinkle it over roasted vegetables – squash is a great option!