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Welcome to the new Scarlett House Catering blog! You may have noticed that our site is a little different… a little bigger, a little better, and A LOT more visual!Through the use of our new website, our goal is to educate you on the Scarlett House brand, introduce you to our team, our services, and to keep you as informed and excited about the catering and event industry as we are! In case you're not familiar with our company, here is a very quick intro:

Scarlett House Catering is a multi-dimensional catering and events company located in the GTA. Our focus is on creating exceptional, unique and customized catering solutions for any size event or restaurant location.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with memorable experiences for all their catering needs through our excellent food, superior service and fresh thinking.

Our Services
  1. Event Catering
  2. BBQ Catering
  3. Contract Catering
  4. Restaurant Solutions
  5. In-Flight Services

Now to jump into this month’s introduction! SPRING. Spring calls for a number of things and brings lots to our minds here at Scarlett House. This month we will be focusing on Spring/Summer and the highly anticipated BBQ season! You might have already noticed though out Instagram page (@scarletthousecatering), that we have been posting quite a few pictures in anticipation for this coming season!

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Throughout the warmer months, we are solidly booked for our famous BBQ catering! Our chefs and events staff are experts in creating the most delicious and fascinating BBQ experiences. Keep checking back throughout the month for grilling tips and highlights from some of our previous events!

For further information checkout a sample of our BBQ MENU or CONTACT US directly!
SHC Team


If you have any topics you would like covered or questions you would like to ask our chefs or staff we would love to hear from you! Email: alicia@scarletthouse.ca or Tweet Us: @scarlett_house

Through all our changes and growth, our focus remains the same – provide an unforgettable experience through our excellent food, superior service and fresh thinking!